Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis is mad as hell about the debt crisis and is sending a message to Washington. Lots of messages.

Jarvis, Director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism and author of the BuzzMachine blog, took to Twitter yesterday and started his own campaign following an impasse in negotiations in Washington. Using the indelicate hashtag #f—youwashington, Jarvis got many of his 75,000 followers to figuratively stick their heads out the window and yell at the politicians, a la Peter Finch’s character in “Network.”

As the tag began to trend, Jarvis retweeted many of the posts, enough that Twitter temporarily suspended his account last night.

He’s back at it this morning, beginning to draw attention from a few media sources.1 2 3

We’ll leave it to others to question the ethics of a media insider attempting to incite a public movement via Twitter. It’s enough to follow the stream of political mash notes … and maybe head for the window.

UPDATE: Jarvis posted a blog entry this afternoon about the origins of the hashtag and what’s happened since he got the ball rolling:

Now as I read the tweets — numbering in the tens of thousands by the next morning — I am astonished how people are using this Bealesque moment to open their windows and tell the world their reason for shouting #f—youwashington. It’s amazing reading.

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